Organizing the Master Closet

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Walk-in closets, small closets, hallway closets, we all need them to store our things, from clothes to linen to shoes, but often they are a hassle to organize and keep clean and functional. Here are a few helpful tips on organizational systems and space savvy strategies.


Divide Items into Categories:

First, take a long look at your inventory and divide all your things into categories and/or seasons. For example, separate your t-shirts from sweatshirts, pants from shorts, boots from sandals, etc. This way you will know where to go when you’re just looking for a pair of jeans. 

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Organizing and Space Saving Tools:

Based on how many categories you have, like t-shirts, sweaters, socks, and jeans, they will all need their own separate space in your closet. Next, do some research on what you need to keep your closets organized. Like wire wall-mount shelves, bins, racks, rods, baskets, hangers etc. Socks can go in baskets, t-shirts can be folded and placed on shelves, jeans can be hung on hangers, and so on. 

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Don't Forget Your Accessories:

Jewelry, belts, ties, scarves, grooming essentials and purses, they all need a home too! Shelf dividers, stackable bins, and hooks will help you organize your accessories. Over-the-door hooks saves space and organizes small things, like bags and scarves.


Shoe Storage to the Rescue:

Open and adjustable shelves accommodates any shoe style and makes the most of narrow closet spaces. They also eliminate the piles of jumbled footwear, keeping all your shoes perfectly paired. You can also use a free standing bookcase. A handy tip: Use shelf liners to add a slip resistant surface and keep fabric softener sheets close by to mask the odor. 


Adhesive Labels are a Must:

Labels are a daily reminder of what goes where, especially when you’re too busy and distracted to even remember where your spring sweaters are stored. Metal-frame label holders are great for when you need to revise signage when your storage needs a change.


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Small Living Room?

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Do you have a small living room? Does it looked cluttered and feel cramped? Here are some design tricks that will make your living room look bigger and feel cozier!

White Walls

White Walls & Light Colors

White walls will brighten up the living room. Add color through wall art and picture frames. When decorating, try to stay within the light color spectrum. Light colors will brighten up a room, versus dark colors can make a small space feel more compact and crowded.

Light Airy Curtains

Light airy curtains add shade, but also maximize natural light. Hang the curtains higher than the window frame to add height to your small room.

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Oversized Mirrors

Mirrors are a small room’s best friend. Large mirrors will add depth and reflect light in your living room.

Two Small Coffee Tables

Maybe that one big coffee table is too big and bulky for the space. Try two small coffee tables, it’s better for traffic flow and can easily be moved.

Coffee Table


If you put a tray on top of an ottoman it can be used as a coffee table. You can also use an ottoman for extra seating. It’s the perfect multifunctional piece that doesn’t take up too much space.

Large Area Rug

 A large area rug anchors down the pieces in your living room into one collective space making it appear bigger. Whereas a smaller rug visually breaks up the space, making it feel smaller and cramped.


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Design Obstacles? We Have Solutions.

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Are you redecorating your home, but have some obstacles in the way that won’t let you finish your project? Like sentimental knickknacks, big bare walls, or outdated light fixtures? Here are some simple solutions on how to get over these design humps:


Sentimental Knickknacks

Yes, we all have this and often it’s a struggle letting them go. Don’t look at your sentimental pieces as a burden to your new design style, but instead showcase them as conversation pieces. You’ll find that these items add uniqueness and charm to your new decor.


Matchy Sets

Is your old matchy-matchy living room set putting a hold on your creativity? You don’t necessarily need to say goodbye to the entire set so you can start over. Most likely each piece looks good individually. The easiest and fastest solution is to separate the pieces in various rooms. This way you’re creating a cohesive style throughout your entire home.

Plain Wall

Big Plain Walls

Sometimes a big empty wall can be a bit overwhelming. If there are windows, first add window treatments to anchor the space. Then hang one large painting or several medium size wall art at eye level. If you want a big bold statement, try removable wallpaper. Wallpaper is coming back and it’s here to stay!


Outdated Lighting

Let’s finally tackle those ugly ceiling lights. On a budget? Start in the spaces that you spend most of your time. Whether its an old ceiling fan or just a plain old light fixture, it’s time for an upgrade. Lighting enhances a room and upgrading your light fixtures will add to that “designers” touch. 


Messy Foyer

The entryway is the barrier between the outside world and your home so of course it’s also the dumping ground for all the things outside that are trying to make their way inside and vice versa. Like junk mail, coats, keys etc. Create a simple foyer with storage to catch all the things floating in between. If you have the space, add a small entryway table with drawers or baskets underneath to throw keys and mail in. Add a vase full of flowers, a mirror to open up the space and you’re foyer will look good as new. 







Decorating Tips: Charming Ideas for Your Outdoor Dining Area

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Do you love grilling and throwing BBQ parties? Well, summer is finally in the air and it’s time prep your backyard, deck, patio, or balcony for all your summertime dinner parties. We listed a few excellent ideas on how to spruce up your outdoor dining area for you and your guests to enjoy during those summer nights.

Hurricane Lanterns: Besides an outdoor dining set, these lanterns are a must have! They will keep your tabletop lit, creating a beautiful glow under the summertime sky. Having lanterns in various heights, color, and style adds a playful charm to your decor. You can also make it glamorous with all-white lanterns with matching all-white tabletop decor, like tableware, vase, and flowers.

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Comfy and Cozy: Soften things up on the outside by incorporating toss pillows, throw blankets, and an outdoor rug to your outdoor dining area. Turkish Towels are making a big scene at outdoor parties because they’re soft and light, the perfect cover up if you’re feeling a slight chill or if you just want to wrap yourself up without getting too warm. They also make a great table cloth.

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Bar Cart: Fun cocktails or delicious lemonade are essential to every successful BBQ. Roll out your bar cart next to your dining table for easy access. Style your cart with a fancy ice bucket and a mason jar filled with flowers.

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Flowers and Succulents: The only true tabletop decor you really need are flowers and/or succulents because they add style and color to your table. Make sure to keep them low so your guests can see one another from across the table. Small mason jars are great for flower arrangements because they’re the perfect height. You can also paint them white if you want a more classy look.

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Spring Renewal: Refresh Your Home with Less Money and Little Time

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Spring is a great time to refresh your home! We all know that upgrading your home takes some serious time and serious money so we broke it down for you, room by room and suggested little tweaks here and there that will give your home a new and upgraded look.

Living Room: Revive your living room by rearranging your furniture. If you have already maxed out on layout options then add a new houseplant, mirror, or rug to brighten up your living room. You’ll be surprised with how much cheer comes along with a new houseplant. Don’t forget to dust!

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Bedroom: Nothing feels better than new, clean linen! Celebrate and treat yourself with pure linen sheets. Add a few new toss pillows to incorporate more texture and color. Your bedroom will look and feel good as new.

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Kitchen: Revitalize your kitchen by sprucing up the hardware on your kitchen cabinets. Whether they’re knobs or handles, this small change can really make a difference. Update your metal knobs with glass ones or add a splash of metallic with bronze handles. For an easy swap, make sure your new hardware is compatible to your original screw holes.

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Dining Room: Sometimes all you need are new brightly colored placemats and/or tablecloth to ring in the new season. Freshen up your dining table decor with candles and a vase full of fresh tulips.

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Bathroom: First and foremost, you can’t rejuvenate your bathroom without a thorough cleaning, top to bottom.  Next, add some new linen to your bathroom. New hand towels, guests towels, a bathmat, or shower curtain. If you want to change up your bathmat, consider a bamboo mat. It’s more sanitary than a traditional bathmat because the water doesn’t soak into the mat, resulting in mold and mildew. A bamboo mat is also low-maintenance since you don’t have to throw it in the wash.

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Wall Art Ideas

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There are many options when it comes to deciding what to hang on your walls. Wall art is the best way to showcase your personality. From framed fabrics to black and white photographs, your wall is your own little art gallery. We gathered several wall art ideas that are currently trending on Pinterest and here’s what we found:

Vintage and Antique Mirrors: The Hall of Mirrors doesn’t only have to exist in the Palace of Versailles. Create your own wall of mirrors with vintage and antique mirrors. If the frame around the mirror is too worn out, spray paint them another color, perhaps something bright and fun to balance out the vintage vibe.

image source: instagram: bohoside


Kids’ Artwork: If you have kids or even grandchildren, you probably have admired over their unique drawings and paintings. Why not frame them? They’re bright, colorful, and one of a kind.

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Polaroids: Don’t tuck away your Polaroid pictures in an album, display them on your wall! Attach bulldog clips to the wall with sticky tack to create a gallery wall with Polaroids. The best part of it all, it’s quick and easy to change out the photos.

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Maps: If you love traveling or just love maps in general, you might want to consider framing and displaying your collection of maps. Maps of places that you’ve been to or  places you love, from countries to cities or even the New York subway map or a national park map, the options are endless!

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Same Frame, Same Size, and Black and White: If you like the more uniformed, clean, and sophisticated look, then you will love this idea. Each photo, no matter what it is, family, friends, pets, vacations, etc. is black and white, the same size, and in the same style of frame. 

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Decorating Mistakes

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Let’s face it, we’re not all interior designers so we tend to make decorating mistakes here and there. We put together a handy dandy list to make sure you’re not making the same decorating mistakes as everyone else. 

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Not considering proportion and scale. Always measure the space where you’re going to place new furniture. Eyeballing the space and hoping it fits is never a good idea. Also, it’s important to consider proportion in relation to the other pieces in the room. 

Everything does not need to match. When decorating a room or your entire home, focus on what goes together more than what matches. Matching color schemes or decor can often overwhelm a room and also appears outdated. 

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Too much clutter. You don’t need to display everything you own. Clutter makes a room appear crowded and less comfortable. Invest in stylish storage baskets to store on open shelving.

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Don’t just focus on color, focus on texture. Texture makes a room come alive. You can add texture through textiles, like toss pillows and throw blankets, plants, area rugs, and furniture, like a suede accent chair or a craftsman style dresser. 

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Not testing paint colors. The last thing you want is to paint an entire room and realize it was the wrong shade of color. When painting a room, you have to consider the natural light in the morning, afternoon, and night and artificial light. Natural light affects the shade of the paint color. What looks light grey in the paint bucket, might appear dark on the wall if you don’t have enough natural light shining through the windows. It’s worth to buy several small buckets of paint and paint a small portion on the wall to see how lighting affects each shade of color. 




Brightening Up a Dark Room

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Let’s face it, natural lighting does not flood every room of your house. Luckily, there are a few tricks you can do to brighten up a dark and small space.

Clean Your Windows: Clean not just the inside of your windows, but especially the outside. With less dirt, dust, and streaks on your windows, more light will brightly shine through. 

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Mirrors: Mirrors reflect light and they make the space appear much bigger. If it’s possible, place a mirror parallel to a window to reflect the natural light shining through. Other places to hang a mirror are over mantles, over couches, over side tables, etc. They are like windows that open up a room. 

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Light Colored Flooring: Dark flooring can sometimes make a room appear dark and heavy, especially if there aren’t enough windows to bring in the beautiful sunshine. A light and bright area rug can quickly solve this problem! If you don’t like rugs, painting the floor will also do the trick. 

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 White Paint: White paint is a lot trickier than you think. To brighten up the walls of a dark gloomy room, you have to choose the right shade of white. Avoid glossy paint because it will create a glare, rather than reflecting light in every direction. Benjamin Moore’s White Dove is crisp, light, and airy.

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Open Shelving: Open shelving eliminates dark, closed in cabinets. It also adds depth to a small room. If you’re worried about open shelving looking too cluttered, use baskets to add storage. 

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Keep Dark and Bulky Furniture to a Minimum: Depending on the size of the room, dark and bulky furniture overpowers the space. Choose wisely with your bulky furniture. If you have a boxy, espresso stained coffee table, switch it out for a light toned table with legs so you can see the floor. 

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Don’t Waste, Recycle Your Old Furniture

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Why waste furniture, when you can recycle it? Millions of household items are sent to landfills every year, but recycling furniture helps in bringing this number down.

Here are a few things you can do to prevent your old furniture from being tossed in the dump:

Sell: If you’ve outgrown some of your old furniture, try selling it to put money towards new furniture. You can host a yard sale and invite family and friends to join or search if there’s a neighborhood yard sale event. You can also sell it on Ebay, Etsy, Craislist or Oodle. Selling your old furniture is especially worth the time if it’s still in perfect condition. 



Donate: Donate your old furniture to charity or give it to someone who needs it. Freecycle, allows you to list unwanted items that local people can pick up from you if they are interested. You can also request a pick up from Habitat for Humanity, Goodwill, or Salvation Army


Recycle: Often you can recycle the material of the furniture itself. Search for places near you that recycle furniture. Urban Ore, located in Berkeley, recycles and sells old furniture. Their Building Materials receiving department accepts items like doors, windows, lumber, toilets, sinks, fencing, etc. Their General Store receiving department accepts clothing, furniture, and electronics.




Refinish and Reupholster:  All you need is a little imagination! Before getting rid of your old furniture, consider refinishing or reupholstering it. Reupholster an old accent chair or couch with new fresh fabric. Refinish old dressers with new paint and they will look as good as new. Pinterest has a lot of helpful DIY tips on recycling furniture. Also, you can contact your local upholsterer for tips and quotes on revamping your old couch, accent chair, dining room chairs, etc. If you’re in the Oakland area and interested in reupholstering a few pieces, contact Gonzalez Upholstery or Kay Chesterfield.

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Go Green Furniture Tips

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Green furniture is specialty furniture made from eco-friendly materials, have low- toxic material levels, and are locally manufactured.

Are you searching for green furniture, but don’t know where to start?

Here a few things to know about green furniture:

Recycled Furniture

A piece of furniture built from other pieces of old furniture. Often it’s a variety of reclaimed or recycled wood, paper, metal, or plastics. Recycled materials require less processing and fewer resources.

Natural Furniture

Furniture made from renewable resources and built with machines that use eco-friendly, renewable resources. Most common materials used in natural furniture is wood, bamboo, and hemp.

Certified Sustainable Wood

Wood must be harvested in a way that it is not detrimental to the environment or wildlife. There are nonprofit organizations, like Sustainable Forestry Initiative, Inc. that are dedicated to promoting sustainable forest management. SFI Inc., “forest certification standard is based on principles that promote sustainable forest management, including measures to protect water quality, biodiversity, wildlife habitats, species at risk, and Forest with Exceptional Conservation Value.” Read More about SFI Inc..


Bamboo is a fast growing crop that is grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. It self-generates from its’ own roots and for most furniture companies, bamboo is the ideal building material.


Mostly used for textiles, hemp is naturally resistant to most pests, unlike cotton. It also thrives on less water compared to most crops. Hemp fibers are one of the most versatile natural fibers. 

Low-Toxic Furniture

Almost all furniture offgasses, which isn’t bad, but materials treated with synthetic substances offgas chemicals that are toxic. When you bring new furniture into your home, open all the windows and maybe even have an air purify in hand. You can also find furniture that has the Greenguard certification, which ensures furniture is low toxicity. When you purchase, you can also ask if it’s untreated or treated with natural substances, like natural wood finishes, or naturally tanned leather. Read more about Greenguard.

Say No to Flame Retardants

When buying furniture, always ask which are free of flame retardant chemicals.  Flame retardants and formaldehyde are typical volatile organic compounds, aka VOCs, offgassed by furniture and have been linked to birth defects and cancer. Luckily, we now have the “TB 117-2013” law, which ensures better fire safety without the need for flame retardant chemicals in the filling materials of furniture. Read More About TB 117-2013.