Empty Nesters : What to do with Your Spare Room

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Empty Nesters: What to do with Your Spare Room Did your kid just move out and you don't know what to do with the empty room? Or did you finally clean out the spare room and don't know what do with it besides using it as storage? We've got a few ideas to help you get started.

empty room

Home Office/ Library

If you often work from home or you’re self-employed, a home office is your best choice. You’ll finally have a quiet place to work away from the rest of the family. 

Add built-in shelves, a comfy chair, and a floor lamp and you also have your own library! 


Personal Gym

Take your treadmill and/or stationary bike out of the living room and move it into your empty room. Create a work-out space and install a full length mirror on one wall to create a gym-like room. 

dressing room

Dressing Room

If you feel that the space is too small to use for other purposes, it may make a wonderful dressing room. All you need is to add a few floating shelves, a garment rack, mirrors, decorative boxes to organize the smaller accessories, lighting, and you have yourself a dressing room. 

game room

TV/Game Room

You can get very creative with a game room. Include a TV, sports memorabilia, a popcorn maker, a billiards table or a card table set up. Don’t forget to add storage for board games and accessories. 


Guest Room

If you have many out-of-town friends or family who visit regularly, a guest bedroom would be the best choice. But if you don’t want to limit your only extra room for just guests, then it’s time to purchase an American Leather Comfort Sleeper! With the Comfort Sleeper, you can have any of those rooms mentioned above PLUS a guest room. 

Add a full size Comfort Sleeper sofa to your home office and transform the office into a guest room when you have guests. 

Not enough room in the game room? Try a cot size Comfort Sleeper. Game Room during the day and Guest Room at night. 


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Benefits of a Standing Desk

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Benefits of a Standing Desk Standing Desks have become increasingly popular and we want to share with you why office workers are choosing to take a stand.

lift desk_feature 2

Helps Improve Energy Levels

One study found that standing desks can lower feelings of stress and fatigue. Standing, rather than sitting can even improve mood and energy levels. 

standing desk 002_large

Appears to Reduce Back Pain

Several studies show that standing desks can dramatically decrease chronic back pain caused by prolonged sitting. 

May Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Studies show that breaking up periods of sitting with standing can lower blood sugar levels, especially after lunch. 

Lowers Your Risk of Weight Gain

Exercise is the most effective way to burn calories, but just simply choosing to stand instead of sitting is also beneficial. Studies show that an equal amount of time spent standing than sitting, burns over 170 additional calories. 























Top 5 Paint Colors for a Small Room

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Top 5 Paint Colors for a Small Room Not sure what to paint your small room? Embrace it's size and turn your small room into the star of the show! Here are the TOP 5 paint colors for small spaces:

small room
royal blue

Royal Blue

This bright, beautiful blue will make any room look royal! Dark colors, like Royal Blue, camouflages the actual size because it creates the perception of depth. 

pearl gray

Pearl Gray

Pearl Gray or Light Gray, are the go-to neutral colors, especially for a small space because the gray shades magically fluctuates with the times of day. In the dark, certain grays can appear almost black, but with sunshine it can also bring life. 



Sage has become the new neutral gray. This light mossy green brightens up the room during the day, creating a calming, relaxed environment both during the day and night. 

Pure White

Pure White

Pure White walls reflects lots of light, masking the walls, it makes a small space feel larger. If you use Pure White paint on your walls, don’t forget the ceiling too, so you can get the full light and airy experience. 



If you’re looking for something a little more subtle than Pure White, try Eggshell. It’s bright shade opens up a small room but it’s warm undertones create a more comfortable and inviting vibe.


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Basic Rules for Rug Placement

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Basic Rules for Rug Placement


Rug placement has always been a tricky one. From living room rugs to hallway rugs, we’ve got you covered! Here are a few simple standard rules in rug placement:

LR 2 front legs


In small spaces, with furniture against the wall, aim to have the front two legs of all the furniture on the rug.

LR Coffee Table

In even smaller spaces, small rugs can be used just under the coffee table or to define specific seating areas. 

LR floating 1

For a larger living room, with furniture floating in the middle of the room, the rug must be big enough to fit all the furniture comfortably, without feeling too cramped. 

Dining room


The rule is simple for the dining area, the table and ALL the chairs should rest on the rug, even when the chairs are pulled out and away from the table. You need about 24″ or so extending beyond each side of the table to avoid chairs going off the rug. 

BR Stop at nightstand


The bedroom offers many options for rug sizes and rug placement. The most popular rug placement is to lay the rug perpendicular to the bed and pulling it half way under, stopping before your nightstands. 

BR runner

Runners are also a great alternative, especially if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of trying to vacuum underneath your bed. Use a runner on either side, both sides, or just the foot of the bed. 



The areas where you find yourself standing the most, like in front of the kitchen sink and in front of the stove, are the best places for a rug. If you have long counters, opt for a runner instead. 


Hallways are usually the forgotten space, but the most traveled routes in your home. Bring your hallway back to life with a rug! Allow your runner to be the focal point, it has to at least cover 75% of the length of the hallway, showing same amount of wood or carpet on both ends of the runner. 

person woman eyes face 1

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Design Tips for Smaller Bedrooms

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Design Tips for Smaller Bedrooms

Front 1

Do you have a small bedroom? Well you’re in luck! Smaller bedrooms have so much more potential than they’re given credit. Here a few design and space saving  tips to help you embrace your small bedroom:

jewelry box

Think, Jewelry Box

Embrace the small size and paint the walls with bright and bold colors or patterned wallpaper. Go for a charming light fixture, like a chandelier and decorate with fancy mirrors. Use your small bedroom to make a statement.


Skip the Headboard

The headboard takes up too much space. Add a more personal touch by choosing a bold wallpaper or hang a large painting or photo.

Floating Shelves

The Magic Behind Floating Shelves

Floating shelves don’t take up any floor space and can be transformed into many different things. Use them as a nightstand, an entry table by the door, a bookcase, a laptop desk, etc. Wrap them in wall paper for a more decorative look or spray paint them with metallic colors. The possibilities are endless!


Small, but Tall

Hang window treatments closer to the ceiling to make the room appear taller. Keep the drapes light and airy to bring in the natural light.


Storage Bed

If you’re in the market for a new bed, consider a bed with builtin drawers underneath for extra storage. Or raise your bed with bed risers, they’ll give your bed an extra lift so you have more room to store things underneath.



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Is There Still Hope for Our Furniture…and Our Cat?

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Is There Still Hope for Our Furniture...and Our Cat?! Have No Fear!


We all want nice furniture, but does owning a cat or cats hold you back from investing on the pieces you really want? Here are a few tips on how to keep your fur babies from destroying your furniture:


Creating Distractions

We’re not hinting that you need to make your home look like a cat’s version of Disneyland, but purchasing cat towers and toys are a better alternative than your sofa. Place them in areas where your cat likes marking the most. Scratching posts, cat trees, carpeted shelving units, or hanging toys on door knobs or doorways, anything that will show your cat or cats that there are better things out there than your precious sofa or accent chairs.

Is There Still Hope for Our Furniture…and Our Cat?

Mark Your Territory

That’s right! If cats do it, you can do it too! Cats mark their territory by clawing, spraying or the classic side cheek swipe. You can mark your territory by rubbing your hands over areas they like to mark. But if your cats are attracted to your smell and don’t respect what’s clearly yours, then take a used shirt and place it on their cat tree or somewhere else that they can’t ruin. Your used shirt will create a distraction and hopefully they’ll forget about the comfy chair.


Fabric VS. Leather

Leather is easy to clean. Fur, urine, and vomit won’t absorb into leather, but those cat claws can easily puncture through and a scratch is visibly seen. 

If you’re not a big fan of leather, try a Microfiber fabric. They are the best type of fabric if you have pets. Microfiber fabrics are stain and spill-resistant because the tiny polyester and nylon threads are tightly bonded together creating a lightweight, dense, water-resistant material. They are also easy to clean with a lint, pet roller, and vacuum so if you have guests over that are allergic to cat dander, the fabric can be vacuumed away before people arrive.


Most importantly, love, patience, and catnip goes a long way for your cat buddy!


Now who’s ready to buy some furniture? 

Is There Still Hope for Our Furniture…and Our Cat?

Decorating Mistakes for Small Spaces

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Decorating Mistakes for Small Spaces


Decorating a small room is tricky. Most believe that white walls and small furniture are the only ways to style a tiny space, but don’t confine yourself to these rules! We tackle a few small space decorating mistakes and tell you the truth about smart design.


Relying on Small Furniture

Don’t rely on just small furniture. Play with scale, because often lots of little things in a small space makes a room look cluttered. A few pieces of large scale furniture can help the room look and feel bigger. Think large statement pieces, they create a visual impact and give the small space more character. 

bold colors

White Walls Only

Don’t limit yourself to white walls or lighter paint colors. Bold, dramatic paint colors can also make a space appear larger. The secret is to have a monochromatic color scheme. Also, designing with a more cohesive look creates a less confining space. Blur the lines of the room by continuing your bold wall color onto the ceiling. 

Rug 2

Small Rugs for a Small Room

A Large rug with a bold pattern can actually make a room appear bigger. It draws the eye wider versus smaller rugs that break up the floor, making the space look crowded and accentuating the lack of square footage. 


Crowding the Surfaces

Evaluate your small decorations and other belongings, make sure each piece is either meaningful, functional or actually compliments the piece you’re displaying it on. This is especially important for the products on your vanity or bathroom counter, these surfaces tend to get crowded overtime and makes the space look even smaller. Don’t clutter tables with lamps and frames. Consider wall light fixtures, like sconces and create a gallery wall of picture frames. 

Natural Light

Heavy Window Drapes

Small spaces need as much natural light as possible. Heavy window drapes congests the room and blocks all the beautiful sunlight. If you’re looking for privacy, opt for light airy curtains or woven blinds. 


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What’s on Your Coffee Table?

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What's on Your Coffee Table?

Coffee Table

They are many different ways in which you can decorate your coffee table. With books, candles, flowers, or precious heirlooms, your coffee table can speak volumes! Here are a few design tips for styling your coffee table: 


One Statement Piece

Sometimes minimalism is key. If having a variety of decorative items on your coffee table is not your style, then opt for one statement piece or sentimental item that reflects your personality. A charming vase with flowers is sometimes all you need to complete your living room design. 


Glass-topped Table

If you have a large heavy sofa or if you want to display a significant amount of accessories, a glass-topped coffee table is your best choice. The glass top can provide balance and doesn’t take up as much visual space, therefore keeping the focus on your display. Remember, if have a bountiful display, make sure to include something organic, like a small potted plant or a vase of flowers, and arrange by incorporating layers and height.  


When the Table is the Statement

If your table is an amazing design on its own, then let the table do the talking! Try not to add too many accessories on top because the last thing you would want is to take the spotlight away from your table.


Not One, but Two or Three

Small circular or square tables do well in pairs or threes. Arrange two in the center and use the third as a side table for a chair. Style with a different accent piece on each table.


Ottoman & Tray

Ottomans can be turned into surprisingly fun and unique coffee tables because they come in different fabrics and leathers, and a variety of shapes and sizes. The large upholstered cushion also adds a soft, comfy touch to the room. Decorate the top of your ottoman with a stylish tray to display your flowers, books, and candles. 




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The 411 on Outdoor Living

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The 411 on Outdoor Living

Front 2

Outdoor living is one of the many perks when living in California. Here are the few essential must-haves for your outdoor space: 

Moonstone 2

Outdoor Rugs

The first step is to cover up the concrete or wood floor. Outdoor rugs are the perfect solution! You’ll be surprised on how an outdoor rug can easily bring life and color to your backyard or patio. 

claremont 1

Lounging Area

Whether you have a large backyard or a small balcony patio, designating a comfortable seating area is key when designing your outdoor space. You can lounge on an outdoor sectional by the pool, or if you’re limited on space, a charming garden bench or a cozy outdoor rocking chair will also do. 


Al Fresco Dining

Having the option to dine outside is one of the many reasons why summer is oh, so lovely. You can wine and dine with your guests on a outdoor dining table or enjoy brunch on the patio with your cozy bistro set. 

garden stool

Outdoor Accents

From outdoor lighting, to toss pillows, plants, and garden stools, don’t forget to personalize your outdoor living space! It’s what makes your space comfortable and cozy under the summer time sky. 


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What’s in Your Entryway?

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What's in Your Entryway?

Front 1

Whether it’s a foyer with high ceilings or a small entryway leading into an apartment, there are few things your front entrance should always have. Some may even say that your entryway sets the tone of your home. Here are a few design tips on how to spruce up your entryway:


Entryway Storage

Storage is essential in every size entryway. If you don’t have a closet, you will need a coat rack or hooks to hang coats, scarves, hats, etc.

For shoes, make sure to have a shoe rack or basket that will define the space where shoes should go. If you don’t have a designated area for shoes, they tend to get knocked around and you end up having a disheveled pile of shoes in front of your door. 

An entryway table with drawers is a perfect place to drop your keys and mail. An ideal size table would be long and narrow so it doesn’t take up too much space. You can even include baskets underneath the table to throw your shoes in. 


Entryway Seating

Incorporating a small seating area is a charming touch and is great for when putting on shoes. It can be a bench, stool, or chair, whichever fits best in your space. You can also store baskets underneath the bench to store your shoes. 


Entryway Flooring

Even though the entrance is a high traffic area, placing a rug in the entryway is welcoming and helps define the space. Remember not to get a rug that’s too thick, so the door can open all the way and close over it. 

Table Lamp

Entryway Lighting

A Chandelier or overhead is always nice, but also have an option for low lighting, like a table lamp. With low lighting, you also avoid being overwhelmed with too much of a bright light. A table lamp or sconce creates a warm welcoming for your guests.

Accessories 1

Entryway Accessories: 

Always add a few personal touches to your entryway, like a vase of flowers, a decorative mirror, wall art, and picture frames. Let your personality shine at the entrance!


Need more entryway design tips? 

Bring photos and dimensions of your entryway to our showroom and talk to one of our designers!