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Our mission-style furniture follows the Arts & Craft traditions by embracing natures resources, the best joinery, and the crafting techniques of old to bring you genuine, solid wood furniture that lasts for generations.

Generations of furniture making traditions are reflected in each Tree Crowns Craftsman piece. Using time-tested techniques, we handcraft furniture that is durable and beautiful with details often overlooked in today’s rushed world. You may not see the time and talent invested in each mortise and tenon joint, dovetailed drawer or hand-sanded top, but you feel the difference each time you welcome guests to your table, serve a meal to your family and securely close treasures in your hutch.

Understand What Makes Our Furniture Different

The best woods, finishes and techniques, and the incredible attention to detail are what make the Craftsman Difference. Look for these features in imported furniture and big box stores…you won’t find them! This is furniture that gets passed on to your children and becomes the treasured antiques of tomorrow.

Mortised and Tenon Joinery1. Mortised and Tenon Joinery

Not popular in factory furniture, the mortise and tenon joinery used in our Craftsman furniture achieves lasting results. This method creates a very strong joint and prevents the tenons from coming loose.

2. Sealed Table Edges

All table edges are sealed with a special sealer to keep the joints on the table top fitting tightly.

Dovetailed Bed Rail Slat3. Dovetailed Bed Rail Slats

Solid wood slats are dovetailed to ensure the strongest joint possible.

4. Durable Cushions

Cushions are foam wrapped with Dacron and pillows are blown Dacron fill.

Dovetailed Drawers5. Dovetailed Drawers

Although timely, the classic technique of dovetailing ensures the strongest joint possible. Look at any of the four dovetailed corners and you can clearly see, these drawers were made to resist the daily pulling forces applied to the drawer front. Once our craftsman pushes these joints together, nothing short of breakage will pull this drawer apart.

6. Wood Drawer Slides

The drawers on all of our fine furniture have a wood-on-wood drawer guide for a smooth glide. Metal Full Extension Undermount Drawer Slides (soft close) are available upon request.

Solid Wood Furniture7. Solid Wood Furniture

Every piece of Craftsman furniture is solid wood. We don’t cut any corners or sacrifice an ounce of quality. We guarantee your Craftsman furniture will stand the test of time. Tree Crowns Craftsman furniture is available in Cherry and Quartersawn White Oak.

Catalyzed Conversion Varnish8. Catalyzed Conversion Varnish

We finish off our furniture with a 7 step catalyzed varnish finish, unlike other manufactures we use a top of the line conversion varnish with excellent resistance to water, scratching, common household spills, alcohol, yellowing and marring. Our catalyzed varnishes are the toughest and most durable finishes available in the furniture industry today.

Archive Edition Textiles9. Archive Edition Textiles

We’re excited to bring you these beautifully woven textiles combining authentic period design and authentic period colors with present-day durability.