Maura S., Piedmont

It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for Danusia Lewakowski.  I sought Rockridge Furniture & Design services after purchasing a small home in Piedmont, CA.   We had a number of decorating challenges.  Proportionality due to the size of our home, paint color, and lighting.
Danusia was wonderful to work with from the initial meeting through the end design.  We have employed Danusia’s interior design talents for our living room, dinning room and master bedroom.  Danusia talents in interior design helped us with everything from floor to ceiling.  Danusia’s design work perfectly captured the essence of our home and personal taste.  Danusia is accomplished with color and was invaluable in her assistance in choosing both interior and exterior paint colors.  Her furniture choices and placement helped with both flow in our home and in making our small rooms look larger. The furniture from Rockridge Furniture and Design that Danusia helped me choose is beautifully designed and comfortable.  Danusia’s lighting plan created a layering of light that brought both functionality and ambience.  Finally, Danusia found the perfect piece of artwork that brought the whole living room to life.
Also, Danusia’s strong organizational skills started off with furniture layouts and followed through to the details of fabrics and trims.  In terms of integrating, she did an excellent job in making my existing furniture integrate beautifully with the new pieces.  Danusia was able to identify our taste and style and incorporate that into the design work she did for our new home.  Danusia was with us through the whole process from the initial meeting at our home which was a construction sight to helping me hang artwork.
Danusia is creative, professional, and a pleasure to work with.  I look forward to working with Danusia for years to come.
Maura Santoli
Piedmont, CA