Doris W., Berkeley, Ca

Over the past year we had occasion to refurnish much of our brownshingle home.  Because we had excellent experiences with the store decades ago we returned to Rockridge Furniture & Design for a large array of bedroom, dining room, parlor, and office furniture.  Without wishing to denigrate the pleasantness and competence of RF&D’s other staff members, we feel fortunate to have had Leann to take care of us.  Not only does she know her merchandise and what’s available on order but she also displayed remarkable sensitivity for our aesthetics and needs, indefatigably seeking out the perfect piece for its place and purpose.

Even without having seen our home Leann understood our style immediately.   Her cheerful enthusiasm for our project, coupled with her sound knowledge of available pieces, helped us greatly in our decisions and made the entire undertaking a delightful experience.  Not only are we thoroughly pleased with our purchases, but Leann went well beyond her role as a furniture seller: her talent as an outstanding interior decorator helped us enormously.  She has a remarkable sense of space and gave us countless valuable suggestions.  At her advice I had some furniture shifted around in my office/parlor, and the result is spectacular!

All deliveries were carried out in a timely and professional manner.  We are thoroughly satisfied with the services of Rockridge Furniture and Design and highly recommend it.