Charlie K

I see the other reviews were written in 2007. Since then this store has become “Rockridge Furniture.” They don’t claim to be an antique store (although I saw a few antique pieces), but they are a very pleasant furniture store. We happened to walk right in on a sofa that suited us perfectly, and it was at a good sale price. They got us several books with an emormous selection of fabrics we could have the sofa made with. American-made, not imported junk. The store’s not terribly big and I think it’s largely chance whether you happen to find just what you want, but they have some very tasteful pieces and their prices are a lot better than Fenton McClaren next door. Our saleswoman LeeAnn was great; she had interior design experience and had a lot of helpful ideas and good judgment. The other staff were nice too. The ownership or management must have changed since those other reviews; they don’t reflect our experiences at all! I would recommend giving this store a look when you’re browsing for a piece of furniture.