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Walk-in closets, small closets, hallway closets, we all need them to store our things, from clothes to linen to shoes, but often they are a hassle to organize and keep clean and functional. Here are a few helpful tips on organizational systems and space savvy strategies.


Divide Items into Categories:

First, take a long look at your inventory and divide all your things into categories and/or seasons. For example, separate your t-shirts from sweatshirts, pants from shorts, boots from sandals, etc. This way you will know where to go when you’re just looking for a pair of jeans. 

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Organizing and Space Saving Tools:

Based on how many categories you have, like t-shirts, sweaters, socks, and jeans, they will all need their own separate space in your closet. Next, do some research on what you need to keep your closets organized. Like wire wall-mount shelves, bins, racks, rods, baskets, hangers etc. Socks can go in baskets, t-shirts can be folded and placed on shelves, jeans can be hung on hangers, and so on. 

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Don't Forget Your Accessories:

Jewelry, belts, ties, scarves, grooming essentials and purses, they all need a home too! Shelf dividers, stackable bins, and hooks will help you organize your accessories. Over-the-door hooks saves space and organizes small things, like bags and scarves.


Shoe Storage to the Rescue:

Open and adjustable shelves accommodates any shoe style and makes the most of narrow closet spaces. They also eliminate the piles of jumbled footwear, keeping all your shoes perfectly paired. You can also use a free standing bookcase. A handy tip: Use shelf liners to add a slip resistant surface and keep fabric softener sheets close by to mask the odor. 


Adhesive Labels are a Must:

Labels are a daily reminder of what goes where, especially when you’re too busy and distracted to even remember where your spring sweaters are stored. Metal-frame label holders are great for when you need to revise signage when your storage needs a change.


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