Living Room

The Living Room… the space your friends gather on game night, you curl up with a good book, or your family hangs out watching movies. Your living room is where you spend a part of each day — so make it a great place to relax and get comfortable, while at the same time suits your style and fulfills your needs.   Read More>>>

 Dining Room

In the dining room, of course, the dining table highlights the room, and it is important to have a table whose surface has attractive grain and markings. The chairs must work with the table, as the two together form the central unit of the room.   Read More>>>


Comfort is the top priority for a bedroom. Whether you enjoy the simple elegance of a metal bed paired with distressed furniture, the clean, sturdy lines of the Arts and Crafts era, or the contemporary, Asian-inspired style, you can be rest assured that the bedroom will not overwhelm or intimidate a weary soul.    Read More>>>


Area rugs never seem to get the credit that they deserve… sometimes  picked last after all the other pieces of a room seem to be in place.  But it’s time to change that perspective and see the importance of rugs the way we do!    Read More>>>