This  relates to SO:1672616 & 1705044 as well as a parts order for missing legs.

The issues are as follows:
1) The rebuilt 3303-28RF does not line up to the original 3303-19LF .
   0:31 shows the new piece on the right is about 1″ higher than the piece on the left.
   0:44 shown the bottom on the right piece is also higher, but by only about 1/4″.
The net result is the 3303-28RF is now too tall by 3/4″ due to variance in construction

2) The replacement 3303-28RF is too small for the cushions
   0:01-0:17 shows compression wrinkles in the seat cushions on the 3303-28RF,
while 0:18-0:21, the 3303-19LF, does not show the wrinkles.

3)0:00 &0:016 show the back cushions overlapping because the 3303-19LF is now too small. Not shown is the edges where the back cushions meet does not align with the edges where the seat cushion. If a second video is required, let me know.

4)0:45 shows the height difference at the bottoms of the 2 sections, this results in the sectional connector missing locking,
the locking pin floats above the locking channel..

5) There is an (RF) arm seam which serpentines up the arm in a very conspicuous way, especially in the back. The (LF) arm does not do this at all. See attached image.This is in a very prominent location in the clients home.
6)  The dust cover is very baggy and hangs down. (No image)

7) The arm covers do not fit very well at all. (No image) The customer is also requesting they cover the entire arm, and not just the end,

We need the entire sofa remade correctly, sending parts doesn’t work because Lee’s production tolerances aren’t tight enough. 
I’ll also need a video similar to the above emailed to me prior to it’s shipping, I will show this to the client.  Clearly show each of the quality points I’ve listed above as well as each of the legs.

We’ve been to this client’s home 3 times already on this sofa, our area rep has also been to the home. This next one needs to be done right without exception – and expeditiously.

Thank you for your prompt attention in this matter.

John Knight, Owner 7/14/20