What It Is:  Think of the cover of Architectural Digest: room designs that are often as much sculptural as it is functional.  Monochromatic walls and architecturally clean lines give an overall sense of simplicity and orderliness, while furniture mimics those lines, often with little to no ornamentation.  Many times, a sculptural piece, such as a chair or bed, will be the starting point for the space.  The strong, straight lines of modern design offer the perfect backdrop for dramatic art and accent pieces.  In these spaces, lighting becomes a structural element, creating washes of light that accentuate and highlight focal points.


Why It Works:  The clean lines and simple styling of modern designs leave room for unexpected artistic details and personal treasures and effects.  More natural palettes in patterns and materials can mix easily with polished, sleek finishes and modern accents, keeping  (Even in a strongly modern interior, the mood can be warm and possibly romantic!)  The key is to use texture and contrast, creating a sense of richness.  Hard metals, polished granites, and sleek veneers can be softened by deep-seated upholstery pieces, luxurious fabrics, and good lighting schemes.


You’ll Like It If:  Art, rather than accessories, are your favorite pieces to display.  Dusting knick knacks and ornate furniture sounds like your worst nightmare.  Spur of the moment entertaining is simple, quick, and easy.  You live in a smaller space but want to create the illusion of a larger room.  Dramatic lighting placement is key to your space and aesthetics.