Leann S 6-30-14 (4x6)

Leann S 6-30-14 (4x6)

Hometown:  Alameda, CA

Design Philosophy:  Less is more

Favorite Past Project:  Was flown to London, England to decorate a client’s flat and townhouse.

Favorite Style:  Eclectic mixes of Modern, Rustic, and Deconstructed

Favorite Music:  Punk and Surfer Music

Favorite Color:  Black

Favorite Movie:  “Step Into Liquid”

Favorite Pastime:  Traveling

Forbidden Fruit:  Chocolate Truffles

Three Must Haves:  Art, Music, and Love

Favorite Bay Area Restaurant:  Hob Nob

Favorite Quote:  “Whenever I have to choose between two things, I always pick the one I haven’t tried.”  –  Mae West

Most Essential Element in a Room:  Color and Flow

To make an appointment, call 510-652-7108 or email her at [email protected]


 Check out this before & after:


The Presentation

LMS - De Angelo Presentation copy