As the seasons change, it really makes us appreciate all that Mother Nature has to offer, and we want to make sure we do everything we can to keep our Earth healthy. There are so many manufacturers promising green, sustainable, eco-friendly products for your home. All of these terms suggest some level of environmental responsibility, but there are no concrete definitions for them yet.  If you are in the market for eco-friendly furniture and other home goods, you need to know what to look for so you know you are not being deceived.


Search for a product or manufacturer that is certified by a coalition promoting sustainable practices, like the Sustainable Furnishings Council
The goals of this council are to raise awareness of the importance of sustainability, help companies adopt eco-friendly practices, clear up false information in the industry, and assure customers that they are supporting companies that operate sustainably.


Environmentally-secured leather
Modern tanneries use closed-water systems and private water treatment plants to prevent the pollution of surrounding water supplies.  The dying process involves water-based products that are chrome-free and completely chemical free.  This prevents more toxic materials from entering your home and ultimately the atmosphere. Leather scraps are also recycled in producing small leather goods.
Pay attention to the furniture frame
Wood comes from sustainable forests, and leftover wood is recycled.  The glues used to bind the wood are chemical-free and do not release volatile organic compounds, or VOCs.
Recyclable Cushions
High-resiliency foam that is 100 percent free of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs,) helps to prevent ozone depletion.  Plus, when your sofa reaches the end of its lifetime, the cushions are recyclable.

Clearly, every part of the furniture needs to come from proper sources and be manufactured in the right way to be certified by the Sustainable Furnishings Council.  If environmentally friendly practices are important to you, take at look at these sofa companies available here at Rockridge Furniture & Design:

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