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The Comfort Sleeper

The Most Comfortable Sleeper On The Market.

With a platform bed and high-density mattress on top,
you can depend on a good night’s sleep.

The Comfort Sofa

The Most Comfortable Sofa On The Market.

Built in the same styles as the Comfort Sleepers, these pieces work perfectly when you just need a sofa without the bed.

Comfort Sofa

The Comfort Recliner

Combines stylish design, an array of customization options, and the ultimate lounging experience.

The Re-Invented Recliner

Enjoy a stylish, modern chair that defines your space, yet breaks every stereotype of the traditional recliner. It’s the “un-recliner recliner”– a perfect blend of fashion, function, and comfort – without the bulk or unsightly lines of what you typically find in a recliner.

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