Trendy Wall Colors for 2022

Are you thinking about revamping your wall colors for this new year? Designers are looking to nature for inspiration and they’re bringing the outdoors in. Here are 5 trendy wall colors for 2022.

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Sky Blue

Light blue is a refreshing wall color for small spaces like a bedroom, bathroom, or a home office. Instead of a stark white wall, try a soft blue paint color instead.

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Sage Green

Inspired by nature, this shade of green adds warmth and style to any space. Ideal for bedrooms or living rooms, it’s a timeless color that can be paired with any design style. 

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Blush Pink

A romantic and youthful color, blush pink is making a big statement in 2022. It creates a cozy and fun environment for any room and is the perfect backdrop for mid century modern furniture.

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Mustard Yellow

Don’t be fooled by it’s name, this yellow is a gorgeous earthy tone for your living room, kitchen, or bedroom. It’s a bold and inviting color and mimics a perfect sunset. 

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Very Peri

Patone color of the year, Very Peri. A bright and vibrant shade of blue and violet, Very Peri will turn any space into an ambitious art piece. It shows confidence and creativity. If you have a small room, embrace it’s size and go bold with a Very Peri inspired tone. It will turn your small boring room into your most favorite space in the house.