Interior Design Trends for 2022

2022 interior design trends are focusing on a minimalist approach, natural and organic shapes, and earthy tones. The pandemic affected the way we live and design our homes and some of these influences are rolling into 2022. 

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Natural Color Palette

A natural color palette is the ultimate goal for 2022. Earthy tones, like brown, muddy yellow, dusty pink, and sage green create a cozy and warm environment. They also work well with any season.

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Vintage & Antique Furniture

Don’t throw out that old dresser you inherited from your grandparents because vintage and antique pieces are making a huge comeback in 2022. If you feel like your vintage pieces are looking too dated, try refinishing the wood or find a local furniture restoration store that can help restore your old pieces. 

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Well-Equipped Home Office

In the past couple of years, the home office has become not just a place to sort out bills or write a couple of emails, for many people, it’s turned into the most integral part of the home. In interior design, the home office used to be just a perk, usually if you had an extra room and no other plans for it.  Now it’s an essential piece to any space, big or small. The home office is not just a desk and chair, it’s design and functionality is as important as the decor in your living room. 

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Multifunctional Rooms with Privacy

Before, open space living was the key selling point to any home. Since the pandemic, especially in a home with kids, the need for privacy in a space where you can work, exercise, unwind, and sleep is now essential when designing your space.

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Interior designers are taking note that we’ve been doing a lot more than unwinding and sleeping in our home, we’re working, eating, exercising, relaxing, and entertaining way more in our homes than before. A minimalist design is one of the main trends in 2022. It’s about keeping it simple and functional, so you can enjoy your at home activities without running into clutter and an excess of design.