How to Decorate Your Home for Christmas

Focus on your 5 senses and use them to inspire your holiday decorations this season!


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Putting up your Christmas tree, hanging a wreath, and decorating your fireplace mantel will kick start you into the Christmas season. Once you see all the main decorations up, then work on the small details that will tie your decor all together. 
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It’s all about being warm and cozy during the holiday season. Add a few extra holiday themed, wool throw blankets and velvety soft toss pillows on your sofa. Mousy around in warm slippers or gift them to your family and friends. 
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Don’t limit yourself to classic Christmas carols at your holiday parties. There’s a good chance most of your guests are not big fans of them anyway. Luckily, many musical artists have released their own renditions of holiday music and playing an album or two of your favorites will be great background music to your holiday parties.
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Don’t forget to incorporate smells that remind you of the holidays. There is nothing like the smell of a fresh Christmas tree. If you don’t have a fresh Christmas tree, think about what other smells get you into the holiday spirit. Cinnamon, pine, fresh baked gingerbread cookies, cranberries, etc. 
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What are your favorite things to eat during the holidays? Holiday dinner, desserts, appetizers, and cocktails all put us in the holiday spirit. It’s one of the main reasons why we gather with family and friends during the holiday season, so we can share a feast made up of all the yummy dishes.