How to Host a Stress-Free Holiday Party

Are you planning to host a holiday party this season? Don’t stress because we’ve got you covered! Here are 5 valuable tips for a stress-free holiday party:

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Prep the Night Before

From putting up the decorations, to rearranging furniture for the buffet or dance floor, to prepping the appetizer and dinner menu, try to do as much as possible the night before the party. This will save you a lot of time and minimize the stress of hosting a holiday party. The ideal goal is to only have to bring out the dishes and drinks and put the final touches to your decor the day of your party. 

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Create a Schedule

This doesn’t mean you need to follow your schedule by the second, but create a rough time schedule for cocktail hour, then food, games and/or dancing. The last thing you want is for your guests to be standing around wondering when food will be served or when the dancing will begin. 

Hosting Tips Buffet

Holiday Buffet

Don’t limit yourself to just a dinner party. Plan a buffet holiday party. It can be a buffet of appetizers, dinner, or desserts, or all of the above. A buffet at a holiday party also encourages your guests to mingle with one another. Be creative with your buffet and incorporate holiday decorations with your serving dishes. 
Don’t have time to make all the dishes for your buffet? Make it a potluck holiday party or purchase premade meals at your local grocery store and premade desserts at your local bakery and arrange them on nice serving dishes. 
Hosting Tips Self Serve Cocktail

Self-Serve Cocktails

Make fun holiday cocktails in large batches and serve it in a beautiful pitcher. This way your guests can pour their own drinks and you don’t have to bother with walking around with a silver tray attached to your hand. 

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Music Playlist

Everyone has a friend that loves to be in control of the music during parties, so let that friend shine this holiday season and pass on the music playlist responsibility to them. If your friend is too busy, Pandora or Spotify has pre-made playlists, but you’ll have to pay extra for no commercials.