5 Things Every Dining Room Needs

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Do you have everything you need to host a Thanksgiving feast in your dining room? Here are 5 things every dining room needs: 

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Area Rug

An area rug is essential especially if the dining room is not separate from the kitchen. An area rug defines the space as the dining area and it grounds the dining table and chairs.

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Lighting Fixture

The lighting in your dining room sets the ambience. Think of a ceiling light as the must-have accessory to your dining table. 

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Storage Cabinet

Extra storage is a bonus to every dining room. Find a storage cabinet that compliments the style of your dining table. You can store your dishes or drinks, and avoid extra trips to the kitchen.

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Dining Table

The size and shape of your dining table all depends on the size of your dining area. The style of your dining table should also reflect your everyday lifestyle. For example, it’s not ideal to have a modern glass table top if you have little ones running around. A wooden rectangular or square dining table generally fits any design style.

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Dining Chairs

The quantity of dining chairs depends on how many people you usually have over for dinner. Mix and matching dining chair styles have become the biggest trend lately. It’s fun and less formal.