How to Remove Pet Hair from Your Home

We love our pets, but we don’t love finding their hair balls all over our things. Brushing your pets hair helps lessen the hair balls but often it’s not enough. Here are 5 extremely helpful tips on how to remove the pet hair from your home. 

rubber gloves on sofa


Put on a pair of dampened rubber gloves and glide them across the surface of your sofa. The gloves will pick up any loose pet hairs. Once your gloves are covered in hair, rinse them over the sink and then repeat the process.

wiping down wooden table

Wooden Furniture

Anti-static dusting spray and a soft cloth will gather pet hair and dust that has collected on the surface of your wooden dining table, media console, and storage cabinets. 

vacuum pet hair

Carpet and Area Rugs

When you vacuum your carpet, go over it twice, going opposite directions each time. This will loosen up any stubborn hairs that have dug deep into your carpet.  
A pumice stone is great for small area rugs. Gently glide the stone over the surface of your area rug. The hairs will gather in a pile and will be easier to remove.
If the pet hair is buried deep in your carpets, use a long handle squeegee to help bring them to the surface. The rubber blade loosens and attracts the hairs and brings them to the top of the carpet. Finish it off with a vacuum to collect all the stubborn pet hair.
dry mop hardwood

Hardwood or Laminate Floors

Use a microfiber dry mop to collect the loose hairs on your bare floors.

dryer ball


Next time you put your clothes in the dryer, throw in a spikey dryer ball with it. It’s the chemical free solution to dryer sheets and it helps loosen up the pet hair from your clothes and then gathers into the lint trap.