5 Ways You’re Ruining Your Sofa

We relax on our sofa after a long day, we sit on it while entertaining friends and family, and sometimes we even fall asleep on it during an afternoon nap. Taking good care of your sofa is important because we rely on it much more than you think. Here are 5 ways you might be ruining your sofa. 

cleaning a beige sofa

You leave stains on your sofa. If you stain it, clean it right away! There are many different kinds of upholstery cleaning products that can help take the stains out. Before you spot treat it, be sure to know your upholstered furniture cleaning codes, they are usually found under the seat cushions or on one of the tags attached to your sofa or chair. 

vacuuming sofa
You forget to occasionally vacuum your sofa. Your sofa is one the most used pieces of furniture in your home, so dust and debris piles up in between the seat and back cushions and in the fabric or leather. Vacuum your sofa at least once every 2 to 3 weeks. 
professional cleaner

You don’t get your sofa professionally cleaned at least once a year. Spring cleaning is usually a good time to get your sofa professionally cleaned. Your sofa absorbs dirt, sweat, and dander from you, your family, and your pets. A professional upholstery cleaner will get rid of the dirt and help your sofa smell, look, and feel almost as good as new!

woman sitting on the sofa

If you’re always sitting on the same spot on your sofa, you are unevenly wearing out the seats. Soon enough you will see that your sofa looks worn out on one side. Distribute the weight evenly on your cushions by switching up your seats from time to time. 

child jumping on the sofa

You jump on your sofa and you sit on the arms and back cushions. Standing or jumping on your sofa or on parts of your sofa that shouldn’t carry that weight in the first place, can do some damage to the quality of your sofa cushions. Your sofa is not a trampoline, so treat it with some care.