Interior Design Secrets

Do you feel like your home can use a little makeover? We asked our team of experts for their best interior design secrets. Follow these 5 tips and you can transform your home into looking and feeling like it was designed by a professional.

fireplace focal point

Use a focal point to draw attention to a defining area of the room. A focal point can be a piece of artwork, windows overlooking the ocean, a fireplace mantel, or even a coffee table. The secret to sophisticated design is to first define the focal point in every room. 

symmetry in living room

Work in symmetry. A pair of accent chairs around a fireplace and a pair of lamps on each side of the bed, not only looks polished, but it also feels balanced. The secret to a well-balanced room is all about symmetry.


When in doubt, stick to the same color palette throughout your home. If you’re feeling lost with the direction of your design, the secret is to stick to the same color palette and things will fall into place. 

bedroom gallery wall

Map out your gallery wall. A gallery wall should look intentional, which is why it’s called a gallery wall and not a collage. The secret to a well-designed gallery wall is to plan out the arrangement of your art or photos before securing anything to the wall. 

dog on sofa

Be realistic about your lifestyle. If you have kids, pets, or both, or like to host parties, be realistic on how you will use your furniture. This way you can avoid wearing out your furniture a lot sooner than you had expected. The secret to long lasting upholstery is using performance fabric indoors.