How to Host a Dinner Party

Throwing a dinner party takes a lot of planning, prep work, and multitasking skills. Here are 5 tips on how to host a fun and successful dinner party: 

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Create a menu that will allow as much prep as possible the day before, so all you have to do is throw it in the oven or heat it over the stove right before your guests arrive. Stews, casseroles, and quiche, can all be prepped the day before the dinner party.

Hosting a potluck is also an easy way to throw a dinner party, especially if you’re inviting more than 4 people. You can make the main dish and ask your guests to bring the sides. 
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Decorate your dining table with a simple flower arrangement and tea light candles.  Be cautious of the height of your centerpieces because you don’t want to obstruct the view of your guests.

If you want to go extra fancy, decorative cloth napkins always make a charming touch to any size dinner party. Don’t forget to set ambient lighting, not too dark but not too bright. 

Clean the kitchen before your guests arrive, like empty out the dishwasher and wash any pots and pans you used to make the meal. This way your guests won’t witness the mess beforehand and you’re also making more room for the dirty dishes that will eventually pile up.
Prep the appetizers and drinks, so it’s ready to go as soon your guests walk through the door. Prepping things beforehand reduces the stress and allows you to be a relaxed host. 
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Plan a party timeline – you don’t have to stick to it – but use it as a guide to set the flow of your dinner party. Appetizers and cocktails usually lasts 30 to 45mins, then it’s dinner, and finally dessert. If you have time, a few games or a dance party never hurts! 

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Music sets the entire vibe of the dinner party. Create a playlist or choose a station that will satisfy all your guests. Throw in a couple of fun surprises too. During dinner, turn the volume lower, so you and your guests can speak to one another without screaming.