5 Ways You May Be Ruining Your Furniture

Did you know the way you sit on your sofa or how you clean your wooden dining table affects the lifespan of your pieces? Here are 5 ways you may be ruining your furniture. 

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Sun Exposure

Sun exposure can cause your fabrics and leathers to fade and age more quickly. If your upholstery is in a room that receives a lot of natural light, then you should expect the color to eventually fade over time. Certain fabrics, like Sunbrella fabric, are specifically designed to protect against fading. Sunbrella is most commonly used in outdoor furniture, but can also be used for indoor furniture.  
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Wrong Cleaning Products 

Don’t overlook those pesky furniture tags because they actually have important information. Not all cleaning products are safe for your sofa or dining table. Do your research on cleaning codes when purchasing new upholstery and wooden furniture.
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Clumsy Mistakes

Sometimes we just need a little common sense when it comes to not ruining your furniture. For example, don’t put a cold glass of water directly on a wooden table, or don’t eat sloppy joes while sitting on your sofa, or don’t wear your dirty sneakers while walking on your soft plush rug. A little mindfulness on how you treat your furniture can go a long way. 
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Not Purchasing the Furniture Protection Plan 

Especially, if you’re investing in a good quality piece of furniture it might be worth the extra money for the furniture protection plan. Make sure you read what the plan covers, like spills, tears, rips and burns – hey you never know!  
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Overworking the Furniture

Sitting on the same spot on the sofa everyday or resting your head on the right arm every night, can tear down the quality of the sofa quicker than you had planned. To avoid overworking one section of the sofa, get into the habit of mixing up the places you sit so you can distribute the weight evenly throughout the sofa.