Why it’s Important to Name Your Houseplants

Do you name your houseplants? If not, here are a few reasons why you should start and where to begin. 

houseplants home office

Naming your houseplants fights loneliness and isolation. When you name your plants, you are also creating an identity for them. This can help you feel less lonely or isolated from your friends or family, especially during this pandemic. 

houseplants decoration
When you give your houseplants a name, it’s also like telling yourself (and your plants) that they are here to stay. Now that they are permanent guests in your home, you’ll find that you pay more attention to their needs, like when they need to be repotted or watered. 
houseplants bedroom
Giving your houseplant a name ignites a personal connection between you and the plant. When you form a deeper connection with your houseplants, your plants will be healthier and live longer. You’ll possibly also find yourself caring for plants outside of your home too. 
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If you don’t know where to start when it comes to naming your houseplants, think about things you like or places you’ve traveled. For example, if you love movies, name your plants after your favorite characters in those movies. This also adds a bit of personality to them. 
aloe vera
Take inspiration from the characteristics of your houseplants to give them all unique names. For example, Spike for your Aloe Vera plant.