How to Make Your Home Ready for Aging in Place

Happy World Seniors Day! If you’re retired and planning to stay in your current home, there are a few things you can do now that will make it easier for you to live independently, comfortably, and safely in your own space. Here are 5 simple ways on how to make your home ready for aging in place. 

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Bright and Secure Entryway

 If there are steps leading up to or in the entryway, secure handrails and bright lighting so you can safely enter or exit your home. You can also install a small ramp to the door to avoid any missteps.

Your entryway should have a table or storage cabinet that makes it easier for you to store miscellaneous things like mail, shoes, dog leashes, etc. 

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Eliminate Floor Clutter  

Getting rid of random floor accessories, like small ottomans, poufs, floor baskets, and electrical cords prevents potential tripping. Avoid purchasing side tables or accent chairs with legs that stick too far out. The last thing you want is to trip over a side table. 

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Remove Scattered Rugs 

Steer clear from small rugs that are used only for decoration or area rugs that are too high. If you need an area rug, add rug pads underneath to secure them in place.

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Organize the kitchen so that everything is easily accessible. Avoid storing everyday essentials in places that are too high to reach or too low that you have to bend down. 

Incorporate comfy floor mats for good support in areas where you stand the most, like near the sink or stove. Add lots of light for dimmer areas, like above the sink or the stove. 

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Organized Bedroom

Easy and simple organization prevents belongings from ending up on the floor, which also ensures safety in their bedroom. A closet organizer can help you easily find things or put them away without having to make a mess.

If necessary, add bed rails to one side of the bed to help you get in and out of bed.