5 Things in Your Home that Could be Bringing You Bad Luck

Happy Friday the 13th! Here are 5 things in your home that could be bringing you bad luck. 

rocking chair in the bedroom
image source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/22729173109257160/

Empty Rocking Chair

 Irish legend says that an empty rocking chair invites evil spirits to sit in it. If the chair starts rocking on its own, then the spirit is there to stay. 
Dead Flowers Bad Luck
image source: annesphotos.uk

Dead Flowers

Don’t leave dead things around the house like shriveled flowers, taxidermy animals, and seashells because dead things might bring bad luck. 
Old Broom Bad Luck
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Old Broom

Don’t bring an old broom to a new house. Legend says that an old broom can sweep away good luck. Superstitious or not, a new house means a new broom! 
Broken Clock Bad Luck
image source: antiques-atlas.com

A Broken Clock

A broken clock is bad feng-shui. Don’t let time stop – fix your clock asap!
Bird decor
image source: madebybarb.com


Some say that if a wild bird flies into your house it can bring bad luck or even death. If you are superstitious, then stay away from pet birds or bird themed decor.