5 Ways to Decorate with Animal Print

July is Wild About Wildlife Month! To help celebrate the beauty of wildlife, here are 5 ways to decorate with faux animal print decor.


image source: pinterest.com

Faux Hide Rugs

A faux hide rug is one the most classic ways to decorate with animal print. A cowhide rug in a modern living room or home office enhances and compliments the design style. They also pair well on top of a natural fiber rug for the layered rug look. Faux hide rugs brings texture and pattern to any room.
Animal Print Toss
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Accent Pillows 

Animal print accent pillows look great on any solid sofa and chair. The solid fabric or leather, is the perfect background for neutral animal print toss pillows. They add a touch of glamour.
Colorful Animal print
image source: redbubble.com

Colorful & Vibrant Animal Print

An orange zebra print or a pink cheetah print creates a fun and youthful look to any space. If you can’t find accents in fun colorful animal prints, try reupholstering a pouf or an ottoman in one of your favorite animal print fabric. 
Cheetah Print Chair
image source: thisisglamorous.com

Animal Print Chair or Sofa

Sometimes, you just need to go big or go home. In this case, you can do both. A cheetah print sofa or an accent chair is all you need if you want to make a design statement. To keep your design from looking too busy or overwhelming, decorate your cheetah print sofa with neutral solid accents.
Faux Fur Decor
image source: foxhollowcottage.com

Luxurious Faux Furs

If you’re going for a more elegant and luxurious design, try a faux fur throw blanket, accent chair, or area rug. Their soft and cozy feel, also creates a classic sophisticated style.