Don’t Make These 5 Common Mistakes When Purchasing a Sofa

Purchasing a sofa can be stressful. Spending the big bucks and committing to a large piece of furniture can be daunting for most people. Eliminate the anxiety and see how you can avoid making these 5 most common mistakes consumers make when purchasing a sofa.

Sofa Daily function
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Don't select the wrong style.

One of the first things you want to ask yourself (and your family) is what kind of daily functions will your sofa serve? Will it be in the TV room, family room or formal living room? A formal sofa with rolled arms and firm, tufted cushions or a casual sofa with deep seats? Will you be mostly sitting on the sofa or do you plan to lay down and take naps too? If so, you might want to consider a sofa with a chaise. Knowing all of this beforehand will help you decide which style of sofa best suits you and your lifestyle.
Small Room with Sofa
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Don't buy a sofa that's too small or too big. 

Take note of the dimensions of your space and also keep in mind how many people you wish to fit on your sofa. This will help determine the best size and shape for you. Grab some blue painters tape and mark the space that you’re willing to sacrifice for your sofa. Are you comfortable with how much room it will or will not take? Do you entertain often and have a large enough room? Maybe an L-shaped sofa sectional is right for you. 
Try Out Sofa
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Don't commit to a style without trying it out first.

If possible, try out the sofa the way you would at home.  Is the seat depth comfortable for you to sit or lay back and kick your feet up? Can you easily get up from the sofa? How does the back cushion feel on your back – and is it a good height for you? Afterall, you are commiting to a long term relationship. 
Choose the Right Color Sofa
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Don't choose the wrong color fabric or leather. 

The last thing you want is to buy a sofa that’s an eyesore. Choosing the wrong color fabric or leather is not something you want to live with for the next 10 plus years. Taking home a fabric or leather sample before purchasing can help prevent this common mistake. Use the sample to compare it with the other furniture in the space. Does it also go well with the wall color? How does it look under the lighting of the space? These are all important questions to ask yourself before committing to a color. 
Poor Quality Sofa
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Don't settle for a cheap and poor quality sofa. 

It’s easy to be tempted by the look of the price tag, but often the cheap price means cheap quality. A poor quality sofa will not last you more than 5 years. Do you really want to go through the hassle of purchasing another sofa in a couple of years? A good quality sofa is a smart investment for you, your family, and your well-being.