5 Ways to Create an Inviting Home

If you like to entertain guests then follow these 5 simple design tips on how to create a welcoming and cozy environment for you and your guests: 

Welcoming No Clutter
image source: etsy.com

Eliminate Clutter

What can be more inviting than a clean and organized home? Attack your clutter first. Stacks of mail on the coffee table or piles of laundry in the corner of your room can make your guests feel like they came at the wrong time. 

Welcoming Entryway
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Start your welcome vibes at the front door.

Design a bright and cheery entryway with a couple of houseplants or a charming farmhouse inspired sign that says “home” or “hello”. If it’s cold or rainy outside, make sure a coat rack or wall hooks are available to hang their jackets, bags, or umbrellas. You don’t want your guests to feel like they have to hold onto their belongings because there isn’t a place for them to store it. 

Welcoming Art and Accents
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Use beautiful art and unique accents to entice your guests to explore your home. 

Hanging wall art and sprinkling interesting and unique accent pieces throughout your home will encourage your guests to poke around your space, ask questions about you or the piece, and create thoughtful conversations. 

Welcoming Obstacle Free Seating
image source: mynottinghill.blogspot.com

Make it easy to navigate around seating areas. 

Create a seating area that’s free from obstacles. You don’t want your guests tripping over small ottomans, floor pillows, or side tables. Your guests should feel like they can easily move through your space, making themselves comfortable on your sofa, accent chairs, and dining area.

image source: homebnc.com
Welcome Soft textiles

Incorporate soft textiles in your design. 

Smooth and soft throw pillows, warm and cozy throw blankets, and plush area rugs can all help create a welcoming environment. If your goal is to encourage your guests to kick off their shoes, sit back and relax, then bring on the layers of soft textiles!