5 Ways to Use Accent Furniture

Accent furniture is the piece of furniture that stands out from the rest, but it also ties everything together. It leans more towards decor than functionality. Incorporate accents throughout your space to let your personality shine through your design. Here are 5 ways to use accent furniture in your home: 

Accent Chair Bedroom
image source: missmv.com


The accent chair is always a fun piece to add to the living room or bedroom. Find a chair with a unique silhouette and an eye-catching fabric, pattern, or texture. 

Small Accent Side Table
image source: livinginashoebox.com

Small side tables, while they serve more as a decor, they’re easy to pair next to a sofa, chair, or bed. A wooden side table with a beautiful finish will go great next to a traditional rolled-arm sofa. 

Entrway Accent Pieces
image source: decorsteals.com

The entryway accent piece sets the tone of your home. A large picture frame or an entryway bench, with an intricate design, is an intimate and pleasant welcoming to your space. 

Accent Mirror Living Room
image source: https://www.pinterest.com/valentinadiaryofficial/_created/

Accent furniture is not limited to only small pieces sprinkled around your home. Accents can also be large statement items that demand attention, like a ceiling to floor framed mirror or a striking, well-designed dining table. 

image source: amazon.com
Accent Wall

Accent walls are usually used to highlight a distinctive architectural design – like built-in shelves or an archway.  You can also create an accent wall by choosing one wall to paint or apply patterned wallpaper, so it shines from the rest.