Make a Stylish First Impression with Your Front Porch

Essentially, your front porch is the first thing that welcomes you, your family, and your guests, so why not let it shine? Your front porch doesn’t need to be a roomy wrap-around to add curb appeal or additional outdoor living space. All you need is a little TLC, and your front porch can be one of the most well-designed and coziest places in the house.  Here are 5 design tips on how to renew your front porch. 

Front Porch Sitting Area
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First, redefine the purpose of your front porch. Besides welcoming you and your guests, how else would you like to use the space? Is it a place to sit and read a book? Or is it another dining area to use during a warm summer night? Or will it be a place to entertain guests? Defining the space will help you decide what type of furniture and decor you need.

Front Porch Refresh Paint
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Refresh the paint on your front door or repaint the floors and ceiling to make your front porch look good as new. Choose a paint color that also compliments the color and design style of the rest of your house. 

Front Porch More Foliage
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A quick and easy way to revive your front porch is to add more foliage. Hanging flower plants or potted greenery immediately brings back life and color to your outdoor entryway. 

Front Porch Outdoor Lights
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Decorating with hurricane lanterns and hanging outdoor lights establishes the shape and creates a warm, cozy energy once the sun goes down. Whether you’re reading a book or having a cocktail on the porch with your guests, the outdoor lights will enhance any experience. 

Front Porch Textiles
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Don’t hold back on the textiles just because it’s the front porch. Toss pillows, throw blankets, an outdoor rug, and curtains all add an extra level of comfort and design to your revived entryway.