Pet Friendly Design Tips

April 11th is National Pet Day

We bet your pet brings you lots of joy and helps you alleviate daily stress. It’s important that we also take good care of our pets and make sure they too can enjoy and relax in our home without accidentally destroying our things. Here are 5 pet friendly design tips that will help you and your pet coexist under the same roof: 

Pet Play Area Design
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Play Area 

Designate a play area for your furry friend. A place where they can chew their favorite toy or climb and scratch without worrying about destroying your furniture. It doesn’t need to be an entire room, it can be a space in the corner where you know they can’t get in the way. Keep an open basket or decorative box in the same area to hide all their toys, so it’s easily accessible for you and your pet.  

Pet Bed Design
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Luxurious Pet Bed

As much as we love to snuggle up with our pets on the sofa, they also need their own space. A luxurious pet bed, that also matches your design style, is a great addition to your living room or the play area. A pet bed is the best place your pet can comfortably retreat to after an afternoon playing in the park. 
Microfiber Sofa Pet designs
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Pet Friendly Upholstery

A leather sofa is easy to clean. Fur, urine, and vomit won’t absorb into leather, but those claws can easily puncture through and a scratch is visibly seen. 

If you’re not a big fan of leather, try Microfiber, a synthetic fabric. Microfiber fabrics are stain and spill-resistant because the tiny polyester and nylon threads are tightly bonded together creating a lightweight, dense, water-resistant material. They are also easy to clean with a lint roller, fabric shaver, and vacuum.

Pet Design Entryway
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Well-Equipped Entryway

Make it a functional entryway that will make leaving and entering your home a lot easier for you and your pet. Use woven baskets, wall shelves, and stylish hooks to store all your pet’s accessories, like leashes, raincoat, poop bags, and pet wipes to clean their muddy paws before entering the house. 

Pet Friendly Window
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A Room with a View

We all hate having to leave our pet alone for a few hours during the day, so make sure they have at least one window that they can cozy up next to while they wait for you to come home. Dress up your window with light, airy and sheer curtains so your pet won’t be overshadowed by heavy drapes. They can bask in the sun and watch the neighborhood while you’re gone.