Reduce Your Stress with these 5 Design Tips

Our living space affects our levels of stress and anxiety. After a busy day at work, coming home — or if you’re working from home — to a messy and dark environment will make it harder to relax and wind down. Follow these 5 design tips that can help reduce the stress and anxiety in your life:

Organized Living Room 2021
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De-clutter & Organize

Tackle the surfaces first and declutter your home. Remember, the bigger the pile, the harder it gets. Once a room is organized, it’s a lot easier to maintain a cleaner space. The goal is to eliminate the visual mess so you can see a brighter and happier home.

Bright and Airy Bedroom
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Embrace Natural Lighting

Natural light is proven to provide many health benefits. It boosts vitamin D, wards off seasonal depression, and reduces stress caused by florescent lighting. Brighten up your home by cleaning your windows, eliminating dark heavy drapes, and adding mirrors in areas where you can reflect light coming from a window. 

Scented Candles Spa Like Bathroom
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Incorporate Soothing Scents & Sounds

Depending on how sensitive you are to smells, a calming scent, like lavender, eucalyptus, or citrus can help you de-stress from a long day. Including scented candles or an essential oil diffuser to your design can create many relaxing benefits.
If you want to incorporate a more spa-like experience in your home, add a mini indoor fountain so you can listen to the tranquil and soothing sounds of a waterfall.

Relaxing Outdoor Balcony
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Revamp Your Outdoor Living Space

Whether you have a small balcony or patio or a large backyard, make the most out of your outdoor living space. Take advantage of the fact that you live in California and have the luxury to relax and unwind outside during most months out of the year! A cozy outdoor seating area decorated with toss pillows and string lights or even just adding a simple outdoor dining set will encourage you to be outside more which can do wonders for your mental health.

Houseplants in kitchen 2021
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A vase filled with fresh flowers or a beautiful ceramic pot growing peace lilies are the best way to bring color and life into your home. Some houseplants, like the English Ivy and Spider Plant, are natural air purifiers. It has also been scientifically proven that indoor plants can help you relax and sleep better.