5 Creative Ways to Upcycle Old Furniture

Now that you’ve purchased new furniture, what should you do with your old furniture? You’re in luck, we gathered a few of the most creative ways on how to upcylce your furniture. Upcycling is a great way to add your own personal charm. 

21 Dresser tv Stand
image source: https://sarahjoyblog.com/

Upcycle dresser into a media console.

Dressers are versatile. You can add parts, take away things you don’t need, and repaint it without having to break down the entire frame. 

21 Dresser Storage
image source: futuristarchitecture.com

Upcycle dresser into beautiful storage.

You will be surprised what a new coat of paint, light disassembly, and adding a new set of doors can do for an old dresser.

21 Shutters Entryway
image source: etsy.com

Upcycle old window shutters into entryway decor.

If you’re going for a cozy farmhouse style, don’t throw away those old window shutters. Repaint your shutters and hang them on the wall in your entryway.

21 Dresser Kitchen island
image source: heirandspace.blogspot.com

Upcycle dresser into a kitchen island.

This is one of our personal favorites, turn your dresser into a kitchen island! You can finally add some personality and unique touches to your kitchen island. 

21 Dining Chair Garden Bench
image source: the-chicken-chick.com

Upcycle dining chairs into a garden bench.

A set of old dining chairs provides lots of material to work with. Don’t dispose them because you can use at least two to make an entryway bench or a garden bench.