5 Future Home Design Trends

Advanced technology, eco-friendly building materials, and energy efficient options are paving the way for new home designs. Here are 5 future interior design trends that are already changing the course for home design: 

Sustainable Home Garden
image source: gardeners.com

Sustainable Home Gardens

Creating a sustainable home garden is a lifestyle that benefits your health and your savings. More people are gravitating to the idea of using less chemicals and practicing greener alternatives to grow their own food.

Built-In Storage Space Stairs
image source: zippboxx.com

Built-In Storage Spaces

Homes are being designed with built-in storage spaces, like drawers built underneath the staircase. People are looking for more space so they can have  their own gym, a home office, and a home theater system,  instead of wasting the extra square footage on storage.

Solar Panels
image source: landscapingnetwork.com

Solar Panels

We are going to see more solar panels on roofs. With the need to save energy and the demand for a more green planet, installing solar panels are becoming more accessible to homeowners.

Home Office
 image source: farmhousehub.com

Home Office:

The home office won’t be a last minute add-on. A couple of years ago, you had a home office because you had an extra room to spare, and maybe you used it once in awhile to sort out your mail, pay your bills, or file your taxes. But now, more companies are transitioning to remote working. 

Smart Home
image source: https://www.pcmag.com

Smart Home

Homes are now being built with the Smart Home technology in mind. We’re already seeing this trend with Google Home. You can control the temperature, lights, security system, alarms, cameras, etc. on a touch pad on your wall or through your smart phone.