5 Common Household Eyesores and How to Hide Them

Did you know that hiding even the smallest home eyesores can actually elevate your interior design? Here are the 5 most common, unsightly household details that you can easily hide: 

fuse box cover
image source: https://thathomebirdlife.com/

Fuse Box

Hide your fuse box with a mirror or an art piece. Make it easy to remove from the wall, in case you need to get inside. 

radiator cover
 image source: @interiors_obsessed_lou via Instagram


Transform your radiator into a modern display shelf. Hang a wooden shelf just slightly on top of the radiator and display your most beautiful knick-knacks to distract your eyes from the eyesore below. 

outdoor ac unit cover
image source: aristair.com

Outdoor AC Unit

Cover your outdoor AC unit with a custom planter or a picket fence. This also helps reduce noise pollution.

thermostat cover
 image source: http://www.blissbloomblog.com/


Just like the fuse box, cover your thermostat with wall art. Install hinges on the wall, so you can easily swing your framed piece open when you need to adjust your thermostat.

cable box cover
image source: https://mymodernmet.com


TV cords, cable cords, computer cords, charging cords, etc, we’re surrounded, but our home doesn’t need to drown in electrical cords. Conceal your tv chords with a cord cover that you can simply stick to the wall. For all those messy computer cords, store them in a basket under your desk.