5 Design Tips When Enhancing Your Color Scheme

Are you tired of the color palette in your home? Even if you’re not starting from scratch, but simply updating the color scheme in your space, follow these simple color tips to help get you started.
Social Media Inspiration

Start with color inspiration.

Look at decor magazines, art work, or social media platforms to find color inspiration. Ask yourself, can I live with these colors in my home? How do these colors affect my mood? Do these colors fit my personality and my lifestyle? 

Mood Board

image source: https://stylesourcebook.com.au/boards

Create a color mood board.

A color mood board is an organized way to layout all your ideas and inspiration, so you can see what will work for your space. Magazine cutouts, paint chips, fabric swatches, photos, can all go on your mood board. Don’t feel like you have to jam all your ideas into one gigantic board, you can always create a mood board for each room in your home. 

60-30-10 color tips
image source: https://thefairmountflat.com/blog/60-30-10-rule-for-decorating

Follow the simple 60-30-10 color rule. 

If you have too many colors in mind and you’re feeling overwhelmed, then edit down your color palette and follow the simple 60-30-10 color rule. 
60 percent is the main color of the room, which often covers the walls, area rug, and sofa.
30 percent is the second color in charge. You would use this color on chairs, side tables, and window treatments.
10 percent is your fun and bold accent color.  The color should be on decorative pieces, like accent pillows, throw blankets, stylish lamps, vases, artwork, etc. 
Monochromatic Bedroom Color Tips

image source: https://intentionaldesigns.com/2017/04/27/monochromatic-bedroom-of-your-dreams-in-6-quick-steps/

Try a monochromatic color scheme.

If you’re aiming for a more classic and modest color scheme, a neutral monochromatic color scheme is your best choice. It’s based on one neutral color – like white, beige, grey, etc – and uses its various shades and tones to add depth and character. To keep your space from appearing dull and boring, add texture and patterns through decorative accessories, accent chairs, throw pillows, and rugs. 

Sample Paint Colors on the Wall

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Sample your colors before committing.

When choosing a wall color, always test out the paint directly on the wall before committing to a paint color. The texture of the wall, the way natural light hits or doesn’t hit the wall, and the type of lighting in the space, all should be factored in when deciding the paint color.