5 Decorating Styles Defined

Interior design has a vast array of unique styles, inspired by history and the ever-evolving environment. Here we will define 5 of the most popular decorating styles. 

Traditional Master Bedroom
image source: https://www.jeffpaulhomes.com/

Traditional style celebrates comfort and elegance. It breathes history and antiques, greatly inspired by 18th and 19th-century European decor. 

Modern Home Office
image source: https://howdoyougetrichonline.com/

Modern interior design style is an ode to early to mid 20th century. It focuses on sleek lines, mostly wood, leather, stone, and metal textures, and geometrical shapes. The overall tone is minimal, but bold. 

Transitional Styled Living Room
image source: https://jcathell.com/

Transitional style is a mix of both traditional and modern design. It has the sleek and minimal look of the modern aesthetic, but also conveys the sophisticated and more comfy vibe of the traditional style. 

Contemporary Living Room
image source: etsy.com

Contemporary design is about the now and is always evolving. It has more freedom than modern design and leans towards round and softened features. Contemporary style has clean lines, a light and airy tone, and a luxurious feel. 

Industrial Kitchen
image source: https://maincompany.com/

Industrial interior design style has a cool warehouse vibe that showcases the natural, unfinished look of its materials. From metals, to raw woods, to exposed pipes and bricks, the industrial design is inspired by rugged textures and vintage and antique pieces.