Say Goodbye to These 5 Interior Design Trends

Designers are making room for bolder and brighter interior design trends for 2021. It’s time to say goodbye to these 5 design styles:

Minimalist White Bedroom
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OUT: All White Interiors

We won’t be seeing a lot of minimalism this year. 2021 is all about fun, eclectic design. 

Farmhouse Decor 2020
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OUT: Modern Farmhouse

Say goodbye to barn doors. They were cute, but 2021 is looking for something more bold and unique.  

Matching Bedroom Furniture
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OUT: Matching Furniture Sets

Matching furniture sets will soon be a thing of the past. 2021 is making room for more variety in texture, color, and style. 

Subway Tiles 2020
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OUT: Subway Tiles

Colorful ceramic tiles will be replacing subway tiles in the kitchen. 2021 is all about bright colors and patterns in the kitchen.

Accent Walls 2020
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OUT: Accent Walls

Accent walls are now looking more of a distraction than a focal point. If you’re going to use wallpaper, don’t just put it one wall, go big and do all walls. Also, monochromatic walls anchor the space and generally blend well with the overall decor.