How To Decorate Your Living Room in Layers

To design a beautiful and comfortable living room, it’s essential that you have all the necessities, like a rug, a sofa, and personal touches. If you don’t know where to start, begin by looking at your living room in layers. Focus on these 5 layers and your living room is on its way to becoming your own luxurious retreat. 

Layer Rug
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Layer 1:  The rug is the anchor of the room. It’s what holds the space together. Sometimes, a bold rug is all you need to add character to the room. A rug is especially important when it’s an open floor plan. It visually defines the area, separating it from the dining room and kitchen. 

Layer Main Furniture
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Layer 2:  The next layer are the main furniture pieces, like the sofa, accent chair, and coffee table. This layer establishes the main purpose of the living room, to sit and relax.  Mix and match colors, styles, and silhouettes. This layer sets the tone for the other layers to follow. 

Layer furniture layout
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Layer 3:  Furniture layout is the most overlooked layer. The layout manipulates the energy in the space. Pay close attention to the natural flow of your living room and work with it and not against it. For example, position your sofa so that it faces the entrance of the room, so you have a clear view of  who’s entering the space. 

Layer Accessories
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Layer 4:  This layer is about adding your own personality to the living room. Art work, house plants, books, and accessories like family heirlooms or things you’ve collected while traveling, all add a personal charm to the space. Just remember, keep the accessories to a minimum so you can actually appreciate what you display rather than being overwhelmed with an array of knickknacks. 

Layer Texture
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Layer 5:  The last layer, texture, is like the icing on the cake. Adding a layer of cozy textures, like plush toss pillows, soft throw blankets, velvet ottomans, etc, is the extra touch that every living room needs to feel and look inviting.