How to Start Organizing Your Home

Begin your year with a clean and organized home. Here are 5 simple tips to get you started: 

Focus on a room 2021
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Focus on a room.

Take at least 2 to 3 hours out of your week or weekend to focus on a room. Do not try to clean and declutter your entire home in one day. 

Goals 2021
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Create goals.

Having a goal or two for each room will keep you from feeling overwhelmed. It can be to organize the pantry in the kitchen or donate shoes and clothes from your closet or shred old paperwork in your office. Goals will help you focus on what really needs to get done first. 

declutter then organize 2021
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Declutter, then organize.

First, edit out the things you don’t use anymore. Make 3 piles – recycle, donate, and trash. After getting rid of the items you don’t need, then you can start to organize the room. 

Storage Containers 2021
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Purchase storage containers AFTER decluttering.

Buy storage containers to help you organize, like bins, boxes, and baskets but only AFTER you declutter the space. By doing this, you will see what type of containers you need, how many you need, and where to place them. Don’t forget to measure the space before you purchase your storage!

Donating 2021
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Complete each task, before tackling a new one. 

If you’re donating clothes or furniture, throw it in the car right away and make arrangements for dropping them off. If you keep it as a pile in the corner somewhere, it will collect dust and you will have to start this process all over again.