5 Ways to Surprise Your Kids During the Holidays

Creating happy memories with your kids is one of the best things about celebrating the holidays. We gathered 5 fun and magical ways to surprise your kids on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. 

Holiday Decor in Kids Bedroom
 image source: haneens-haven.com

Surprise! Holiday Bedroom Decorations

Sneak into your kids bedroom when they’re sleeping and hang garland, holiday stickers, ornaments, or twinkling lights. When they wake up they will surely feel the holiday spirit. 
Selfie with Santa
image source: shopdeerparktowncenter.com

Selfie with Santa

Dress up as Santa, or an elf, or a reindeer and sneak into their room and snap a selfie while they’re sleeping. On Christmas day, display the photo and write a special note, like “I didn’t want to wake you up, but Merry Christmas!”

Reindeer Stuffed Animal
image source: etsy.me

Reindeer Sleepover

On Christmas Eve, hide a reindeer or elf stuffed animal in their bed. Include a note that wishes them a Merry Christmas and that Santa let them stay over to celebrate Christmas. 

Fake Snow Decor
image source: etsy.com

Let it Snow

Buy fake snow and while the kids are sleeping, sprinkle it in their room or throughout the house. If you don’t feel like cleaning up the fake snow later, you can also hang snowflakes from the ceiling. If you want to go even further, crank up the air conditioner. When they wake up, they will feel like they’re in a winter wonderland. 

Christmas Pajamas
image source: ellmii.com

Christmas Pajamas

Get the whole family a new set of Christmas pajamas. It’s a beautiful tradition and everyone can wear their new set of pajamas on Christmas Eve. The pajamas don’t have to match, but waking up on Christmas Day, wearing a new set of clean and comfy PJs will make anyone’s day.