5 Tips on Hosting a Virtual Holiday Party

The best part of the holidays are the parties! Virtual parties have made it possible to live sanely through this pandemic. Here are a few tips on how to host a fun and festive virtual holiday party. 

5 Tips on Hosting a Virtual Holiday Party
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Virtual Holiday Cocktail Party

Host a virtual holiday cocktail party and ask everyone to wear their best holiday outfit. You’ll be surprised as to how many of your guests will actually love to get dressed up for your virtual party. A few days before the party, mail out or safely deliver a cocktail kit that includes all the holiday themed mixers and mini bottles of alcohol.
5 Tips on Hosting a Virtual Holiday Party
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Online Holiday Dinner Party 

It’s not a party without the food. Before the party, send your guests an online gift certificate to a food delivery service, like Grubhub or Doordash. Then, ask your guests to order their food before the party and eat your meal together online. 
For a party where the guests live closer together, then host a potluck. First, create a simple menu. Then, assign one dish to each household. The day before or on the day of the party, everyone delivers a portion of the dish to one another’s doorstep. Finally, heat up your meals, log in to your holiday party, and feast together!
5 Tips on Hosting a Virtual Holiday Party
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Virtual Holiday Scavenger Hunt : Selfie Edition 

Did you think scavenger hunts were only fun for in-person parties? Not anymore! Virtual scavenger hunts are an easy and fun way to celebrate with family and friends. All you have to do is log in to your virtual party and then share the scavenger hunt list with everyone. Once the list is shared, ask your guests to set a timer, maybe 20 mins or less, then try to find everything on the list and take a selfie with the item in it. Because the timing is limited, they can only find things in their home or around their neighborhood.  When the timer goes off, everyone has to log back into the virtual party and share all their selfies. 
5 Tips on Hosting a Virtual Holiday Party
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Online Gingerbread House Party

Building gingerbread houses with your friends doesn’t have to stop just because we are in the middle of a pandemic. Host an online gingerbread house party! A few days before your online party, mail out or safely deliver gingerbread house kits to your guests. These kits can be store-bought or you can put together your own kit. 
5 Tips on Hosting a Virtual Holiday Party
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Virtual Secret Santa

You can’t forget about Secret Santa. First, pick a date for your virtual Secret Santa party and set a budget. Then, ask your guests to download one of the many secret Santa apps, like Elfster or Gifster. Everyone must mail in or deliver their gifts in time for the virtual Secret Santa party. Once the party starts, then guests can take turns unwrapping their Secret Santa gifts.