5 Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas

Are you tired of cleaning up fallen pine needles or just want to change up your Christmas tree decorations? We gathered a few ideas on DIY Christmas tree alternatives that will brighten up your decor this holiday season.

Photo Tree 20'
image source: lejardinacidule.com

A photo tree is personal and easy to make. Display your favorite family and friends photos into the shape of a Christmas tree. You can stack acrylic picture frames to create a stronger and steadier structure or you can pin them on the wall in the shape of a Christmas tree.

Book tree 20'
 image source: quirkbooks.com

For all book lovers, a book tree is the best and least expensive alternative tabletop Christmas tree. All you have to do is pile your favorite books into the shape of a tree and then wrap twinkling lights around it. This is especially great for small apartments. 

Plywood 20'
 image source: etsy.com

A pallet tree is simple, but modern and chic. All you need is a pallet, a saw, and twinkling lights. 

DIY Tree Ladder 20'
image source: pinterest: michelle lupton

For all you DIY experts, the ladder tree is the perfect tree for you! All you need is a ladder, clear finishing lines, paperclips, and ornaments. Use the ornaments to create the shape of a Christmas tree. 

Chalkboard tree 20'
image source: huntedinterior.com

A chalkboard tree is great for classrooms or the kids’ room. You can buy a mini chalkboard or you can paint your wall with chalkboard paint. Draw your tree with colorful chalk and use nails or Command decorating clips to hang ornaments and twinkling lights from the wall.