Holiday Decorating Mistakes

The holidays are the best time to show off your decorating style. Stay away from these decorating mistakes and your festive decor will truly shine. 

Dining room holiday decor
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Mistake #1 Decorating only the living room.

Don’t just let the living room have all the fun. Mostly everyone puts their Christmas tree in the living room, but this doesn’t mean that the holiday cheer should stop there. Hang garlands or lights around the dining room, display a seasonal scented candle or hand towel in the bathroom, or arrange a jar of Christmas themed cookies in the kitchen. 
Not Just Red and Green
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Mistake #2 Decorating with things that are only red and green.

Don’t let the stereotypical holiday colors of red and green stop you from thinking outside of the holiday box. Go modern with silver, white, and black or add a touch of shine with metallic accessories. 
Display Christmas Cards
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Mistake #3 Throwing out the Christmas cards that you receive.

It might be tempting to stash those Christmas cards in a drawer and never see them again, but you can also display them. Displaying your holiday cards in a unique way will add a charming and personal touch to your holiday decor. 
Outdoor Holiday Lights
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Mistake #4 Leaving the outdoor holiday lights on all night long.

Don’t spend more money on your electric bill and don’t piss off your neighbors by leaving the outdoor holiday lights on all night long. Set a timer for when the lights should turn on and off. Turn them on just when the sun has set and you can really appreciate the lights. Then, turn them off at a reasonable hour when you know your neighbors are off to bed. 
Limited Outdoor Decor
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Mistake #5 Overdoing the holiday lawn decor.

Don’t over do the lawn decor with inflatable santa, reindeers, elves, and candycane. Don’t hang so many lights that someone on mars can see your house because it’s impossible to appreciate the decor when you have sensory overload. If you really want to wow your neighbors, keep your holiday decor simple yet chic.