5 Common Mistakes When Choosing a Paint Color

Picking a paint color for your walls can be a daunting task. Stay away from these top 5 common mistakes and you’ll find the paint color that works best for your space:



paint swatches
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Relying on Just Tiny Paint Swatches

Always test out the paint directly on the wall and do not rely on just a tiny paint swatch. The texture of the wall, the way natural light hits or doesn’t hit the wall, and the type of lighting in the space, all should be factored in when deciding the paint color. 

Floor and Wall Colors
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Ignoring the Color of Your Floor

Don’t ignore the color of your floors when picking your paint color.  Different shades of wood can affect the look of the paint color. If you don’t consider your floor color, you can end up with a muddy and dull appearance.

Natural Light
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Forgetting About Natural Light

Don’t forget to consider the natural lighting in the space because it will affect the look and feel of the paint color. Observe how bright the room naturally gets during the day. 

White Wall Small Dark room
image source: thecolorconcierge.com

Only White Walls for Small Rooms

Many people think that the easiest solution to making a small room appear bigger is to paint the walls white. It might be true in some cases, but you have to consider the natural light and the other types of lighting that will be in the space, because a small white room can easily look boring, dirty, and depressing. 

No Accent Wall
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Paint an Accent Wall

If your home has an open floor plan, don’t break it up with an accent wall. Not only does it ruin the natural flow of the space, but the unnatural breakup of the room can make the space look smaller.