Creating a Safer Home for Seniors

If you know a senior that is moving into a new home, or renovating their home, or maybe your parent or grandparent is moving in with you, there are many design tricks you can do to help insure their safety in a new space. Here are 5 design tips for creating a safer home for seniors. 

Clean safe entryway
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If there are steps leading up to or in the entryway, make sure there are secure handrails and bright lighting so they can safely enter or exit the home. You can also install a small ramp to the door to avoid any missteps. Design an entrance that is clean and organized, free from mess that usually gets dropped off at the door, like bags, shoes, umbrellas, mail, dog leashes, etc.   

Living Room Seniors
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Living Room

Getting rid of everyday clutter and random floor accessories, like small ottomans or floor baskets, will help prevent everyone from tripping over things. The goal is to create a space where they can easily and freely navigate around without worrying about small obstacles that can get in the way. Purchasing a chair lift recliner is not only a good investment but a great way for them to still keep their independence by not needing help getting on or off their chair.

Kitchen Mats
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If they like to be busy in the kitchen, make sure there are comfy floor mats for good support and lots of light for dimmer areas, like above the sink or the stove. 

Bed Rail
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A closet organizer can help them easily find their things or put them away without having to make a mess. Easy and simple organization prevents their belongings from ending up on the floor, which also ensures safety in their bedroom. Add bed rails to one side of the bed to help them get in and out of bed.

Bathroom for Seniors
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Installing a walk-in shower would be the best and safest scenario, so they don’t have to worry about stepping over the tub. If that’s not possible, install shower rails and anti-slip mats to help with balance in the shower. Also, a handheld shower head would be a useful accessory for safer mobility.