5 Design Tips to Help Reduce Your Anxiety

We have all been dealing with a lot of anxiety lately. Sometimes, it’s hard to get away from the outside noise, especially if you’re working from home. Did you know that interior design also has a huge impact on your state of mind? We gathered 5 design tips that can help reduce your stress and anxiety at home.

Calming Colors
image source: foxhollowcottage.com

Incorporate calming colors to your design.

Colors have a psychological effect on people. Incorporate calming colors that will compliment your space- like sky blue, sage green, light gray – because they can influence your surroundings, creating a relaxing and peaceful environment.

Natural Light Reduce Anxiety
image source: michealadianedesigns.com

Illuminate your home with natural light and soft light. 

Bright white lights can add strain on your eyes and cause tension headaches. Try to welcome in as much natural light as possible. Don’t cover your windows with dark drapery or heavy blinds. Light, airy curtains or fabric shades are more pleasing to the eyes and don’t block out the natural light. The more physically relaxed you are, the easier it is to reduce your anxiety. 

Simple Bedroom
image source: etsy.com

Your bedroom should be simple, but cozy.

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, where you go to physically and mentally rest, so it is essential to create a serene space, free of any visual noise. Keep the design simple, yet cozy by adding soft and plush textures and colors that will help calm your mind. 

No Clutter Living Room
image source: minimalisthome.blogpostshub.com

Eliminate the clutter.

A clean and organized space positively affects your state of mind. Remove the clutter by donating and recycling the things you don’t need. Your goal is to simplify the space and minimize the visual clutter that can cause more stress and anxiety. 

Houseplants in Kitchen
image source: doorsixteen.com

Decorate your home with indoor plants. 

Studies have shown that house plants can actually help with psychological stress. If you have pets, make sure to get nontoxic plants that are safe for pets. Store your plants in colorful pots or hang them from a macrame plant hanger.