5 Design Tips for a Stylish Neutral Color Palette

Designing your home with a neutral color palette can go one of two ways. If styled successfully, it can elevate the look and feel of your space, creating a simple, light, and sophisticated ambience. But, it also has the chance of appearing dull, boring, and maybe, cheap. Follow these 5 important design tips to help your neutral color palette from going awry: 

Neutral Color Palette House
image source: chrissymarieblog.com

Spread the minimalist color palette throughout the house.

If you want to create a clean, simple, and light environment, your neutral color palette should flow continuously throughout the entire house. 

Layer Same Colors
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Layer with the same color, but in different tones. 

Don’t give yourself a headache trying to find the same exact color you used to paint your wall for the bed sheets, rug, and toss pillows. Stay in the same color, but explore with different tones. The variety will turn the boring ol’ beige, into an elegant and stylish design. 

All White Bathroom
image source: schoolhouse.com

Dreaming of an all white room? Try the bathroom.

There’s nothing like the spa-like feel of an all white bathroom. Here is your time to really make it big with a white bright palette. Keep the accessories simple and allow the minimalism to shine. 

Wood Furniture
image source: luluandgeorgia.com

Wood furniture adds character and creates depth to a neutral color palette.

You can’t go wrong pairing wood furniture with your neutral colors. The natural characteristics of wood automatically adds depth and gives the right amount of contrast without skewing the neutral tone of the space. 

Invest in Furniture
image source: interiors.kerrirosenthal.com

Invest in furniture pieces that will last longer. 

If not done correctly, a neutral color palette can easily turn out boring and dull. Investing in well-made furniture enhances the look and feel of a neutral palette. You don’t need to empty out your bank account, but investing in one or two pieces can go a long way.