Living with Kids & Pets in a Small Space

Living in a small apartment or home, with kids and pets can be difficult, but don’t let that stop you from having a clean and organized space! We gathered a few design tips on how to maintain a comfy and clean home with your kids, pets, or both!

storage bench
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Get Rid of Useless Furniture

If you have furniture pieces that are just for decorative purposes, now is the time to sell it, donate it, or recycle it. With minimum square footage and living with kids and pets, floor space is precious, so don’t waste your time on useless furniture. Try to stick to furniture with multipurpose functions, like a storage bench or Sleeper Sofa. 
storage baskets
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Storage Baskets

Eliminating the clutter does wonders for a tiny room. Baskets are a great way to hide the mess that comes along with kids and pets. Storage baskets come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Whatever your style may be, you can definitely find one that is right for you. Display baskets on a shelf or in a closet, either way they will help organize your things

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Utilize Your Outdoor Space

Even if you have minimum outdoor area, make the best with what you have! Spruce it up with foldable furniture, so you have the option to tuck it away if you need the extra space for something else. Decorate with outdoor lights and plants. Either way, it’s additional square footage that you, your kids, or pets, can use when you need the fresh air. 

kitchen canisters
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Kitchen Jars

Kids and their snacks, pets and their treats, why not store them in a cool kitchen jar? Especially in a small kitchen, a clean and tidy kitchen counter will help the space look and feel bigger. Decorative jars store the snacks in a stylish way. 
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Kid & Pet Friendly Entryway

When you have a tiny entryway, it’s function first, design second. If you live with kids and pets, make it a functional entryway that will make leaving and entering your home a lot easier for you and your family. Keep the design simple by using decorative baskets, wall shelves, and stylish hooks.